We want your vehicle! Get the best value for your trade-in!


Rodney Johnson

"Great people great cars." - Rodney

Rodelle Nathan

"From the beginning to end customer service was absolutely amazing. When you buy a vehicle from them it says “As Is” so of course you know what you’re getting yourself into. Zach even offered us to take the vehicle to a mechanic before purchasing. I don’t know about anybody else but this place is 100% honest and well worth the business . The respect they have for their customers and how welcoming they are to others from what i’ve seen is worth every penny. We need more customer service like this." -Rodelle

Janica Hermerding

"Great customer service, friendly. They don't pressure you like some car places do." -Janica

Brian Schafer

"Good place to buy a car they treat you right" -Brian

Loreal Nathaniel

"AMAZING service!! I could tell from the very beginning that ALL of the staff actually do care about their customers being comfortable and satisfied with their choices. It always matters when people make just a little more effort than asked or required. That’s when you know someone loves what they do. And that’s the best kind of people to deal with. What a blessing to do business with them!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!" - Loreal

Tracy Baumgard

"I am happy with the way Mark treated my husband and me and our grandson. Thank you." -Tracy

Daniel Malony

"First vehicle I bought was the best one I've ever paid for. I also got a killer deal on a new car. I love doing business with these guys." -Daniel

Mike Miller

"The AutoFinance Center helped me out alot. It was fun doing business with them." -Mike

We're glad we were there to help and welcome to the AFC family.

Mike Finstad

"I have always been treated well here and have had no trouble with any of the employees or vehicles purchased." -Mike

Mariara Washington

"I love my new car from The AutoFinance Center. They are very nice and I love working with them. I wouldn't get a car from NO one else but The AutoFinance Center." -Mariara

Frankie Bakker

"Came in looking for a car and Mark was super friendly right away. He went above and beyond to make me feel welcome and comfortable with my decisions. Awesome place!!" -Frankie

Jessica Williams

"The staff at The AutoFinance Center in Austin are very friendly and welcoming. They worked super fast to get us a car and on the road again." -Jessica

Kevin Titus

"The car was in excellent condition. My experience was fast, courteous, and overall excellent." -Kevin

Dina Perrotto

"Fair and understanding. Easy to work with." -Dina

We're glad it was a good experience and are happy to have you.

Hope Matthews

"I have always had a good experience at The AutoFinance Center and that is why I am back for another car." -Hope

Crystal Zaft

"It was great. The people are wonderful here." -Crystal

Latrina Martin

"My experience was a great one. It was fast, easy, and great for my family. Thank you so much, it means very much. It means more than you know." -Latrina

Darlene Weiner

"Mark and staff are great people. I would not get a car anywhere else." -Darlene

Alexander Schultz

"My experience at The AutoFinance Center was very good and Nate was very helpful. I got to test drive and bring the vehicle to a mechanic before I decided on it. There was no pressure to buy which made it a lot easier." -Alex 

Latasha Beighly

"The service was amazing, very friendly and helpful people. Really helped me in getting a safe car." -Latasha

Thank you Latasha and welcome to the AFC family.

Michael Karasch

"This has been a very good and non-stressful purchase. Great guys to work with." -Michael

Jennifer Kraft

"Jeremy was awesome! He was so helpful, friendly, and did everything that he said he would. I needed a vehicle fast and didn't have much time to come in. He helped me through the whole process and was great! He should get a raise!" -Jennifer

Yien Nyok

"You gave me full information and very good to me." -Yien

Amanda Hartman

"Had the best sales associate and made my experience of getting my new car the best experience ever!" -Amanda

Colleen Goodrich

"Really good guy. Double checked that I really wanted the car and walked me through the entire process." -Colleen

We're glad it was a good experience and are happy to have you.

Gina Jimmy

"Great customer service. Cheap cars, fair deals." -Gina

Thank you Gina and welcome back.

J. Barber

"I've been buying vehicles from Mark for awhile now. It's always a pleasure coming here. Nothing but great people with great personalities." - J. Barber

We're glad to have you back in the AFC family!

Caralyn Zvorak

"Nate from The AutoFinance Center was very helpful and pleasant to work with. He made my purchase pleasant and smooth." -Caralyn

Bobby Fassberger

"Leon helped me out lots. Fast, efficient, and would recommend." -Bobby

We're glad we were there to help you and welcome to the AFC family Bobby.

Anna Bennet

"Stopped in and was greeted right away. The guys are friendly and helpful. Answered any questions I had." -Anna

Alex Gullickson

"The experience was fast, quick and easy, the workers are very friendly." -Alex

We're glad it was a good experience and are happy to have you.

Erin Hanson

"I had a great experience buying a car through The AutoFinance Center. Leon was extremely helpful in informing me about all of the details and The AutoFinance Center's whole system. Was easy and very convenient." -Erin

Dan Huppert

"I was treated very well at The AutoFinance Center. I liked the car, it was in good shape. I will consider being a repeat customer." -Dan

Scott Waltztoni

"Leon was our salesman. He did a fabulous job!! Thank you!" -Scott

Tiffany Shilts

"It went pretty smoothly. I was in a rush and that was understood and tried to help me along with purchase as fast as they could." -Tiffany

Mark Wilson

"Good salesman and the process was fast. Nice people you got working with you." -Mark

Ginger Zvorak

"Very helpful and nice. Nate and Niki are the Best!" -Ginger

Thank you Ginger and welcome back to the AFC family!

James Lester

"Nate was a great guy. Helped a lot." -James

We're glad we were there to help when you needed and welcome to the AFC family James.

Corey Greening

"Was quick and easy and friendly. My questions were answered to the best of the salesman's knowledge." -Corey

Peter Dumas

"Fast and easy. When they say no credit needed it actually means no credit needed. Fast, friendly, easy service." -Peter

Thank you Peter and we're happy to have helped you!

Patrick Foster

"I was looking for a vehicle and found one or more I liked. I went through the approval process as well as test drives. Mark (the GM) and Leon treated me with the highest courtesy and respect I deserve. They are an asset to the company. Thank you for the new vehicle." -Patrick

Faith Almsted

"Treatment was fabulous at The AutoFinance Center. It was a speedy process and very simple. Thanks!!" -Faith

We're glad it was a good experience and are happy to have you.

Robert White

"I was treated with respect and good humor. Nice place to do business." -Robert

Cherina Riley

"AWESOME!" -Cherina

Thanks for the opportunity to make you happy!
The AutoFinance Center staff of Rochester!

Rachel Boll

"The AutoFinance Center has helped me through many tough times and I have always been well take care of by Mark (and Larry) and will keep coming back in the future!" -Rachel

Russell Hutten

"Came to buy a car. It was quick and easy thanks to Mark and Jeremy." -Russell

We're glad that you had a good experience and welcome to the AFC family.

Scott Regan

"Helped us get a car we loved fast! Jeremy took his time and got us approved right away! Would recommend them to everybody." -Scott

Cecilia Vasquez-Ramos

"Jeremy and Mark got us into a van fast and helped with the down payment. Thanks you guys are great!!!" -Cecilia

Shelby McKinley

"Leon was a very good sales associate. He explained everything about the vehicle and answered any questions we had. Mark was very understanding and helpful. I had a very good experience here." -Shelby

Dustin Edwards

"I thought this place was really good. Everyone was straightforward, worked hard and fast to help us into a better car." -Dustin

We're glad you're happy with your experience with us and glad to have you as part of the AFC family.

Devin Campbell

"I found the car I wanted with no problems. Mark made sure I got the car at an affordable price and showed me a lot of love. I am a very happy customer." -Devin

We're glad we were there to help when you needed a vehicle.

Robert Miller

"I like how y'all work." -Robert

We're glad it was a good experience and are happy to have you.

Heidi Penrose

"People were very friendly and helpful and got me into the car I wanted. Would refer them to many people. Very pleasant to work with." -Heidi

John Vandagriff

"There is a reason we are now a repeat customer. All staff and the entire process was done with professionalism. The seamless process to purchase a vehicle through The AutoFinance Center will keep us coming back!" -John

Skylar Guggisberg

"I was amazed with the customer service and very grateful for their willingness to work with me and my financial status. They were great company to talk with and easy to talk to. I would recommend The AutoFinance Center to anyone looking for a great car at an awesome price." -Skylar

Debbie Kzaley

"We were very happy to be able to find Leon and Justin. We love our new car. Thanks guys." -Debbie

Crystal Ondler

"The entire team at The AutoFinance Center are truly like family to me. I have and would recommend them to friends and family." -Crystal

Jill Godtland

"Above and beyond our expectations. Very very happy and excellent people skills." -Jill

Rosemarie Barnes

"Leon and Justin were so awesome they treated us wonderful. They were upfront and honest with us. Feels great to be treated like a person and not a number. Thank you." -Rosemarie

Kristan Slowinski

"Great service. Fast and easy!" -Kristan

Roxanne Tande

"Too much paperwork and need more inventory in Austin. Nate is wonderful and works with his clients." -Roxanne

We're glad to have you back and thanks, we will work on that.

Sonia Johnson

"Very funny people and made me comfortable with being in the office." -Sonia

Mark Wollenburg

"These folks were awesome! Very easy to talk to and great attitudes. Extremely helpful in finding the right car for me and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a car." -Mark

Brian Olson

"He helped right away and found one to fit our budget. Called right away. Recommended we have a mechanic look at the vehicle. Answered all of our questions." -Brian

Patricia Jamison

"I'm very happy with my service today. They helped me with all my questions I had and explained everything to me. I'm very happy." -Patricia

Darin Walbrusch

"We were greatly helped getting a vehicle and love it. Thank you for helping me out." -Darin

Eduardo Martinez

"The people are wonderful." -Dora

Breanna Ritzman-Thompson

"Very happy with my experience at the Red Wing AutoFinance Center!" -Breanna

Kira Polus

"I had a great experience at The AutoFinance Center! They helped me out a lot and explained everything in detail. I would definitely recommend them to everyone I know!!" -Kira

Ron Ames

"These guys are great! Love the truck thanks!" -Ron

Shawn McAllen

"Coming to The AutoFinance Center the people there were really helpful and did whatever was needed to get me into the car I wanted. My experience here will have me coming back in the future for another car." -Shawn

Chad Wilcox

"Red Wing AutoFinance Center has always been good to us." -Chad

Roberto Bergan

"Leon saw me checking out my new car. He introduced himself and his company and asked what up. I needed a ride, sick of walking, right! He said no problem we got it covered. Impressed with the confidence. I decided to see what up than BAAM I was rolling out after a test drive and 30 minutes in my new whip. Respect." -Roberto

Nick Kuykendall

"Our experience was amazing. They were very helpful and answered all our questions. Made it very easy for us to drive off the lot with a vehicle." -Ashley

Kristina M.O. Hawk

"Before I walked through the door I felt beat down and worthless as other places said "NO NO NO" or this is the car you can have. Everything was HIGH PRESSURE. Today I felt The AutoFinance Center gave me choices and brought in a car from another one of their lots even. They were friendly, honest, and easy to work with. Thank you." -Kristina 

Tiffany Cable

"They were there when I needed help the most!" -Tiffany

We're glad we were there to help when you needed a vehicle.

Peggy Becker

"All the guys at The AutoFinance Center were very helpful an finding my husband and I a very suitable vehicle. They also gave us a very fair price for our trade in. Great doing business with them!" -Peggy

Jeramiah Belden

"The service was fast and friendly and I would recommend them highly!" -Jeramiah

John Hendon

"Very nice guys and straight forward." -John

Jesica Adler

"My experience was great, friendly, and fast." -Jesica

Barry Novek

"I was happy with my experience." -Barry

Joel Johnson

"I came in needing a car and was taken care of right away and in a timely fashion. Was shown several cars and picked one out. Everyone was nice and organized." -Joel

Danken Carsteusen

"I was treated very good at The AutoFinance Center. They took care of me very well." -Danken

Jackie Cataract

"I came into The AutoFinance Center desperate and looking for a vehicle for my kids and I.I came in and got excellent service and felt like I wasn't being gyped and fooled. I am very pleased with my experience." -Jackie

Dominique Knox

"My experience with Nate and Niki was great. They are very understanding, fair, and easy to talk to. I will do business with them anytime." -Dominique

Terri Ryan

"I really like this dealer. I am treated with respect. This is my second car I've bought from here and would come back in the future. I would also recommend this place to friends." -Terri

Lonnie Dunn

"We were always treated well here and the staff was very courteous. When it came to trading our car for a newer one they were willing to help us with a repair the mechanic found was needed to be done on the new vehicle. Great service guys!!" -Lonnie

Samantha Reiman

"Service was great and got a really good car!" -Samantha

Samantha gave The AutoFinance Center of Rochester a 300%.

Donald Hoff

"I got into an accident with my car and I had the CPI program. I brought in my $500.00 and left the same day with another car. The AutoFinance Center is the way to go." -Donald

Alyssa Anway

"They were very helpful and seemed to really care about me as a customer. I liked how fast the process was and that I was able to drive my car home the same day." -Alyssa

Mona Veraza

"Excellent treatment!" -Mona

We're glad it was a good experience and are happy to have you Mona.

Amber Gallie

"My time here at The AutoFinance Center was amazing and very helpful. Mark was very awesome seller and awesome person to talk with. I would recommend The AutoFinance Center to anyone I know." -Amber

Duwayne Johnson

"Justin and Leon were terrific. I set a timeline and they came through for me. Appreciate the effort they gave and will recommend to others." -Duwayne

Susan Hughes

"My interaction with the leadership and team members at The AutoFinance Center has been unexpectedly pleasant." -Susan 

Faizon Neville

"This is my 2nd vehicle purchased through Mark. He has always treated me right and made sure the vehicle is to my satisfaction." -Faizon

Tanisha Grant

"Not only did Mark and Jeremy find a car I wanted but it's my favorite color too. Purple! I luv these guys!" -Tanisha

Patrick Zak

"Bought our 4th car today from The AutoFinance Center of Austin and as always it is a fast and easy process. I recommend it to anyone who needs a car fast and has little money down. And as always the staff is great and easy to work with." -Pat

Melissah Green

"I feel these were the only people willing to help me get a vehicle. I felt completely at home." -Melissah

Jason Steele

"Mark, Jeremy, and everyone whom I dealt with and who helped me in purchasing of a vehicle were incredible helpful, kind, patient, and professional. Will definitely recommend!" -Jason

Amanda Friedl

"Very informal and accommodating to my needs. Very satisfied!" -Amanda 

Andy Miller

"I came here (The AutoFinance Center of Rochester) and found a vehicle I really liked. I talked to Mark and we took care of business. He was very reasonable and very understanding through everything." -Andy

Karla Schute

"Our experience was an amazing experience. We were treated with respect and they did everything for us so we could drive away in a vehicle." -Carla

Curt Boyer

"I was treated professionally, given good direction, and my questioned were answered. This was a good experience overall!"- Curt

Joyce Halpaus

"The AutoFinance Center is the best place to buy a car. They are friendly and they help you in any way they can. Always have smiling faces when you come in. Everyone come on down. They are #1 in my book." -Joyce

Som Khaleck

"Yes, they did a good job. They got me the car I needed and I am happy" -Som

Thanks for the opportunity to make you happy sir!
The AutoFinance Center staff of Rochester!

Sylent Tankhamvong

"The Process was handled professionally" was what Sylent had to say about The AutoFinance Center.  We are glad to welcome you as a part of The AutoFinance Center Family!

Linda Weigand

"We came into AutoFinance on a Saturday and we were treated very well. We tried out a car we liked. Justin & Leon worked on our behalf and we got our vehicle for what we agreed upon. Our time spent here was enjoyable, fun & we had GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!" "Thank you everyone!" - Linda 

Greg Rochat

"As a new resident of the wonderful city of Austin I was needing a cheep, reliable car to get around. After meeting Nate and coworker, they made the car buying fun and easy going. They went with reaching arms to help make things better for me." -Greg

Thomas Roberts

"The personnel are very friendly and helpful. Nate and Niki are very efficient and know what they are doing. The AutoFinance Center is a fine company and nice to do business with." -Thomas 

Anthony Dahlke

"Our experience here has been as expected. Definitely top performance and straightforward. Will continue to do business here." -Anthony

Jaime Paulson

Jaime says "AutoFinance Center of Austin is always fun to come in and give both people grief every week, this place is the best."

Jim Fick

"I have bought 4 vehicles previously and just bought my 5th. And will come back when I need another" -Jim

Diana Grimmell

"I came into The AutoFinance Center and they immediately helped me, answered questions quickly, and worked with me to get the vehicle I wanted." -Diana

Margie Dailey

Margie says her experience "was great" and "in & out."
Well thank you for the compliment Margie and we're glad the process was fast and easy for you.

Steven Bottin

"I just bought a Chrysler van and, though it wasn't the first vehicle I looked at, the sales rep worked hard to find something that worked for me and it was in the area that I was looking. This is my second vehicle from this agency." -Steven

Tiffany Stensrud

"My experience was great and would recommend anyone to come here and apply. Justin and Mark not only got me into a great truck but made it a fun experience. Thanks guys!!" -Tiffany

Kevin Brock

"Awesome! I came in one day and these guys were the best. They were friendly and fair. I would come back anytime." -Kevin

Joe Bradford

"I love The AutoFinance Center, Mark is awesome and the best car man ever. This is our 2nd vehicle from here. Would highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone. Thanks AutoFinance! Mostly thanks Mark!!" -Joe

Kathleen Ketchum

Kathleen says the service in Rochester at The AutoFinance Center was "very acceptable."
Well Kathleen we strive to make all our customers feel this way. Thank you for your business.

Ruth DeWitt

"I have had very good luck with you people so far." Well Ruth we're glad to have you back at The AutoFinance Center of Austin.

Rebera White

"After searching for so long I'm working with people that understand me. I came in and got what I wanted, not what they wanted to sell." -Rebra

Joel Rhinehart

"Wonderful service. I've never had an issue with The AutoFinance Center. Very helpful and friendly staff. I'm on my second car with The AutoFinance Center." -Joel

Rodney Johnson

"My experience with The AutoFinance Center was awesome! Mark got me a fantastic deal, and explained everything in full to me. I am truly satisfied with AFC, and with Mark!" -Rodney

Andrew Johnson

"Everything was great! Very fast, nice people, very understanding." -Andrew

Stephanie Behrends

"Very pleased with the help that was given to me. I was in need of a car and they worked with me in my time of need and were very polite. They made buying a car easy and stress free for me!" -Stephanie

Mohamid Mohamed

"I think Austin AutoFinance Center is wonderful and very helpful. I would refer them to many people." -Mohamid

Charles Jackson

"This is the second car we have bought from AFC. The first ran well & they worked well with us. When it was done being paid, they worked well with us and had us in a new car within the week." -Charles

Heather Fjerstad

"This is the 5th car we have bough from The AutoFinance Center. The customer service is awesome! Love working with you guys, thanks Mark." -Heather

Jessica Barber

"The AutoFinance Center has helped me out once again with buying a car. These are great people to work with and I never have complaints! Mark has done a fabulous job on helping me find a vehicle I wanted!!" -Jessica

Patsy Thibado

"This is my third purchase from The AutoFinance Center. They have always gone out of their way to get the vehicle I wanted at a fair price. This is the friendliest and easiest place to purchase a reliable vehicle." -Patsy

Douglas Dehn

"I bought my car at The AutoFinance Center and got excellent service" -Douglas

Charlotte Poll

"The AutoFinance Center (Austin) helped me out when no one else would. The staff is awesome!! Thanks for all the help and I'll keep coming for more cars later..."          -Charlotte

Marion Colbert

"Awesome! Great to deal with!" -Marion

No matter what your vehicle needs are, come to The AutoFinance Center and let us help you with your search.  We love to help!

Barbara Wells

"Upon arriving, the guys were very helpful and friendly.  I found the car I needed within 10 minutes. I got a great car in less than 24 hours! I would highly recommend." -Barbara

Katrina Welling

"Robert and I are buying our 3rd car from Mark. He is an excellent guy to work with. The next time that we need another car, we will definitely be back to see Mark. The AutoFinance center staff is friendly and really go out of their way to help you out. Thanks guys!" -Katrina 

Evelyn Schuchard

"The AutoFinance Center is awesome!!! They worked and got me into the perfect car!" -Evelyn

The AFC is here to work for you! Looking for a vehicle, but have specific needs? Come see us and let us do the work of finding the perfect car for you!

Dean Greenbush Jr.

"Awesome, friendly service. Very helpful in a time of need." -Dean

If you need a vehicle, let us assist you. The AutoFinance Center is here to help!

Vivian Richards

"I purchased my van at The AutoFinance Center. The guys here are great and very patient! I would do it all over again!" -Vivian

Samantha Olson

"Jeremy and Mark were very helpful when it came to looking for a car, I told them that I need a car that was dependable, spacious, and one that would get me from point A to point B, and they did just that! I really appreciate their help and excellent customer service!" -Samantha

Denise/Brian Meyer

"Brian & I purchased a vehicle from The AutoFinance Center. The staff was very courteous and answered all of our questions. We were very comfortable buying the vehicle with no pressure. We would highly recommend The AutoFinance Center to anyone." -Denise 

Nicholas Gilbertson

Nick has been one of great customers for a while now, and now that it's winter, he was ready for something new.  He stopped by today, found the Buick Regal he liked, did the paperwork in less than an hour and we sent him on his way. It's as easy as that!

If you need a vehicle but don't want to waste time searching, stop by The AutoFinance Center.  We are always here to help YOU!!! 

Daniel Dodson

This is Daniel, and he's back for another vehicle.  He had an accident with his first vehicle with us, which left it totaled.  Luckily for Daniel, he has our CPI policy on the vehicle which allowed him to pay just a part of his remaining loan balance and we got him in another car just a few days after the accident! Now Daniel can get to and from work without spending time off of work to car shop, and we get to keep a great customer!  It's win/win!

Gerald Keckhafer

"It was a good and easy time getting everything done. If I need to, I'll come back." -Gerald

Tracey Cloyd

"I found the car I've been after for a long time! The staff was very personable, helpful and relaxed. I'm impressed with how thorough they are at explaining the financing. I made a great decision today!" -Tracey

Vinzetta Jackson

"I've purchased more than one vehicle from there over the years and have never had any complications with my purchases. I am more than satisfied with my experience." -Vinzetta

Jason Briggs

"Mark is a good guy. I've bought 2 cars from him now." -Jason

If you have a need for a vehicle, come to The AutoFinance Center and let us help you find the right one for you. Bad credit? No Credit? We don't care, we would love to help you in any way we can.  Come see us today!

Stacy Huffman

Another vehicle, another great customer!

Stacy was sold on the 2004 PT Cruiser the minute she saw it.  It met all her requirements including that beautiful paint color.  After a test drive and a quick chat with Andy, she was out enjoying her new ride!

Come down to any of our 3 stores today, our friendly sales staff is always here to help!

Stacey Adams

This is Stacey, and she is purchasing her 2nd car from The AutoFinance Center. We couldn't be happier to get a great customer into another reliable vehicle.

If you are looking for a new vehicle but don't know where to start, let us help you.  The AFC can help with any questions you might have.  Come see us today!

Katrina Welling

"My name is Katrina. I am on a return visit to get my second car from The AutoFinance Center. My first experience was awesome. Mark really helped me. He worked with me to enable me to buy my first truck. The AutoFinance Center is a great place to get help to get a car. I would recommend it to anyone else." -Katrina

Jenny Gonzales

"I'm very pleased with how my car buying process was, thank you." -Jenny

Brad Zillgitt

"I enjoyed my first time experience with Mark. He was upfront and forward with me, the way I like it. I will recommend others to come here to purchase a vehicle." -Brad 

Heather Hielscher

"I am very grateful for The AutoFinance Center & its staff!! They have helped me & my family more then they will ever know & I have a lot of respect for that and appreciation!! Thank you so much. With all the respect & gratitude, more than you'll ever know!" -Heather

Derome Boatman

"I think The AutoFinance Center is a great place to finance on vehicles. Positive information, they tell you everything you need to know. I highly definitely recommend your service with The AutoFinance Center." -Derome 

Tracy Erler

"Was treated with respect and good experience." -Tracy

Adam Hammon

"The staff at The AutoFinance Center was great to work with.  Mark helped me get the car we wanted.  Would definitely come back." -Adam 

Jesse Kosnopfal

"My expirience here was nice and comfortable. Like that they were willing to work with me.  I felt good, will recommend friends and family." -Jesse

Maria Pina Miranda

"Mark and his crew were very good.  This is our second car at The AutoFinance Center.  We will come back again, they explain things very clearly." -Maria

Larry Stokes

Larry came in to The AutoFinance Center a while back looking for a vehicle for his niece.  We were able to help him find the right car for her and set up him up in it right away.  Well, Larry liked the car and and our process so much that he came back for another vehicle for his wife! Thanks guys!

Angela Leonard

"Mark is the best.  Very friendly and efficient place to work with, had more than one car from them.  Appreciate the great service!" -Angela

There is nothing better than returning customers.  Thanks for all your business, Angela!

James Morehouse

Another great customer!  The AutoFinance Center is proud to welcome James to the AFC family and thank him for his business... Enjoy your new car!

Jon Erickson

Cold days, hot deals! Jon has been looking for a while for the car that fits his needs best, and we're so glad he stopped by the AFC.  Once he narrowed down that he needed a larger car but not quite an SUV size, we found him the Chevy Malibu Maxx.  It has the right mix of space and economy for what Jon needs.

If you need assistance in finding out what vehicle is right for you, stop by any of our 3 locations (Rochester, Austin, Red Wing) and let us help you find the right car!

Teresa Reding

Teresa had an old Ford Taurus that had seen it's better days and she was ready to find something else.  With the high mileage on her old car, she wanted something with lower miles, but didn't want to stray too far from what she liked.  Luckily, we were able to set her up with a newer Taurus with lower miles that she absolutely loved! On the way out the door, she used some of her built up bonus bucks to pick up that fleece blanket as well.  Go Vikings!

Sheryl Baluyot

"This is our 3rd car here at The AutoFinance Center... Great!!! Fast & Easy... -Sheryl

Thanks for your continued business, Sheryl.  We appreciate it!

Hope Matthews

What a mean looking truck for such a nice family!  Hope was ready to get into a bigger vehicle with winter approaching, and we were ready to help! We're so glad she choose to come down to The AutoFinance Center, and now she's glad that she has a safe, dependable vehicle for the snow!

Emily Klindworth

Emily was so fun to work with, we're glad to have her as part of the AFC family now! We we're able to complete her paperwork and get her out in her new car in no time! Thanks for your business, Emily!  See you soon!

Donald Hoff

Donald came in looking for a nice car, and he found it at The AutoFinance Center. We had him in and back out in his new car the same day!  If you have been worrying about how to get your next car, stop worrying and come down to the AFC! We have 3 locations (Rochester, Austin, Red Wing) so stop by today!!!

Beth Olsen

"Great!!! Friendly service!  My kids kids love going there too!" -Beth

Young or old, there's something everyone can enjoy at The AutoFinance Center.  It doesn't matter what your situation is or what you're looking for, we would love to help you in any way we can!

Tara Leonard

Another day, another great customer!  Welcome to the AFC family!

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Jenna Franke

"The AutoFinance Center worked well with my fiance and I.  They found us a great car with low payments for our new addition to our family.  Mark and Jeremy were friendly and made our car buying process a breeze." -Jenna

Nesta Wagoner

"I bought a van & had many issues with it.  I brought it back and traded on another van.  I was treated very well and went home with a new vehicle!!  Very good service!!!" -Nesta

At The AutoFinance Center we strive for customer satisfaction at all times. Whether you are walking onto our lot for the first time, or are a returning customer of many years, we want to help in any way we can to ensure complete satisfaction.  

Jason Derry

"Thanks for all the help with the cars I have bought from you guys." -Jason

If you have been waiting for the right vehicle to come around, don't wait any longer.  Come down to The AFC and let us find it for you.  We can wait to see you!

Curtis Wilkins

"These guys here are great people.  They helped me get a car.  I am grateful to them and many thanks!" -Curtis

Thank you, Curtis!  We appreciate your continued business.  

Adrienne Thompson

"The AutoFinance Center is and has always been a fast, easy and reliable way to get a nice newer car.  We've recently purchased our 3rd car and the process is fast and understandable.  We really enjoy how friendly the staff is and how available they are to work around your situation.  I would strongly recommend The AFC for anyone needing a newer vehicle." -Patrick

Mary Reyes

"I came in to The AutoFinance Center today looking for a car.  Everyone has been very helpful and worked with me to get the car I wanted.  Very fast and friendly.  Thank you very much!" -Mary

If you would like the same fast and friendly service, stop by today and see what WE can do for YOU!

Kami Whynaucht

"My expirience at The AutoFinance Center today was fantastic.  Mark treated me as if he knew me before, gave me the chance to get the car I wanted and let me know he is here to help.  I will make sure to keep my business here good, because I will be coming back ALL the time!!

Calli Giesler

"We just purchased our Suburban.  It was the best expirience I have EVER had purchasing a vehicle.  I would highly recommend the AFC to friends & family.  We will be coming back in the future.  Great customer service, simply the best!"  -Calli

Stop by any of our 3 locations to have a great car buying expirience of your own!

James Breeden

This is James, and all parties involved had fun with this sale!  The AutoFinance Center welcomes you to our family!  When asked about his expirience at AFC, James said, "Treated very well.  Informed well. Everything was transparent."

If you want a car, but are worry about getting hassled, come to The AutoFinance Center.  We can't wait to help you! 

Agapito Garcia

"I am very pleased with the service I received here at The AutoFinance Center in Austin.  The information was very helpful and they worked with me in getting a vehicle.  I would certainly recommend coming here and plan on getting a truck from AFC in the near future." -Agapito

Nick Dietrich

"I heard of The AutoFinance Center through my brother and I have had a good expirience here."  -Nick

We want to help you find the vehicle you need.  If you want to be driving your new vehicle today like Nick, don't wait!  Come see us and find out how easy vehicle shopping can be!

Miles Henson

Congrats on your new car, Miles!  The AutoFinance Center is here to help. Bad credit, no credit?  We don't care!  Come in and apply for a new vehicle today!

Randy Shaprio

"I came into The AutoFinance Center and talked to Mark.  He never pushed or pressured me.  He explained how they work and got me into a vehicle with financing the next day.  We love our new vehicle!" -Randy

Tesluoch Dak

"It was fast and easy with polite associates; very cooperative people." -Tesluoch

Whether you are in need of a vehicle to save gas getting to and from work or a truck to get through winter, The AutoFinance Center can help.  Stop by or call today to see how we can help YOU!

Billy Joe Jenkins

"Mark & everyone at The AFC took care of me and got me into a vehicle that I wanted with no problems."  -Billy Joe

Welcome to the AFC family, Billy Joe!

Bruce Stenhoven

"We have bought a car from Mark at The AutoFinance Center before.  It was as good this time as it was last.  Their friendly attitude and attention is refreshing to us.  We will reccommend them to anyone.  AFC is great!" -Bruce

Karen Fast

Karen has been looking for the right van for her work vehicle.  It had to be the right size and have the correct features for it to be useful to her. Karen came into The AutoFinance Center and that was the end of her search!!!  She now has a great work van and we have another great customer!

"Everything they said was true and they were very helpful and very considerate. Friendly!"  -Karen

Jodie Westbrook

This is Jodie. She came into The AutoFinance Center needing a vehicle and one that can handle winter well.  Not a problem for us, as we had her approved and set her up in a nice Dodge Durango in no time!  Now Jodie can be ready for what winter has in store and we have another new member to our AFC family!  Thanks!!!

Luis Castro

Meet Luis, the newest member of the AFC family!  Luis stopped by today wondering if he could get approved and he is now driving is new car home!  When asked about his expirience at The AutoFinance Center, Luis said, "very nice people."  Thanks, Luis!
We sure appreciate your thoughts and your business!

Kodzo Kudatsi

"I have been treated well, the staff was very nice.  I don't see any bad behavior in them.  My application was done quickly."  -Kodzo

Welcome to the AFC family, Kodzo!

Wael Wahba

Wael needed a reliable car to get him around and he needed it fast.  It's a good thing he chose to come to The AutoFinance Center, because not only do we specialize in great customer service, but we understand the importance of time in your day.  If you need a car NOW, don't wait another minute.  Stop by and see us today and you could be leaving in your new car!!!

Danyel Hythecker

"All the sales people were friendly & willing to work with me.  Definitely a pleasant expirience!"  -Danyel

It was a pleasant expirience for us as well, Danyel.  Thank you.

If you are looking for a vehicle and don't wan't to be hasseled by a pushy car salesman, stop by any of our 3 locations (Rochester, Austin, Red Wing).  The AutoFinance Center is here to help YOU!!!

Jennifer Smith

"My boyfriend and I are moving forward in our relationship, have 2 pitbulls and want a bigger vehicle, so we drove by this place and checked it out...  We spoke with Nate and we made things happen.  I'm grateful for The AutoFinance Center, because it was quick, easy, friendly, and willing to work with you.  Thank you AFC, we will be here again..."  -Jennifer

Michael Gerkin

The weather is cold, but the deals are hot!  

Michael has been searching for the right vehicle to get him around.  He had found a few cars that he liked, but none that met his wife's approval.  Michael came in to The AutoFinance Center to test drive the Hyundai Elantra, swung it by the house for his wife to look at and it was done!  Now they have a car that both of them love!

Come see us today and let us help you with your search for the right vehicle!

Jacob Barac

"The AutoFinance Center is a good place for all kinds of people.  If you need a car, come to The AutoFinance Center, they have good deals.  That is how I got my previous car and I recommend you getting a car through them."  -Jacob

Rhonda Payton

"My name is Miss Rhonda.  I have known The AutoFinance Center for a long time.  Mr. Mark and the crew work with me and found me a nice van.  I appreciate them very much, God Bless."  -Rhonda

Michelle Miller

"Love this place... All the guys are very personable and enthusiastic.  I just bought my second vehicle from The AutoFinance Center, very mechanically sound vehicles.  Thanks Guys!"  -Michelle 

Tyler Buck

Tyler just bought his second vehicle from us and we both couldn't be happier!  Tyler has had his eye on a durango for a while, but couldn't find the right one.  He came in and told us what he wanted and we found it for him!  Stop by The AutoFinance Center today and let our friendly staff assist you with your vehicle search.

Bradley Huehn

"Nate was very clear speaking on financing, he explains everything thoroughly.  He was a joy to work with!"  -Bradley

Come on down to any of our 3 locations and let us help you find the right vehicle.  We can't wait to meet you!

Jessey Finley

"Amazing service, awesome people.  I have bought 5 vehicles from The AutoFinance Center and will keep coming back.  I suggest to all my friends they should go there when they ask."  -Jessey

Thank you, Jessey, for all your business throughout the years.  We appreciate it!

Alicia Behrendt

Welcome Back, Alicia!  
Alicia bought her last vehicle from The AutoFinance Center and she was so pleased with the expirience that she came back to us again for her next car!  If you would like to see what we can do for you, check out our inventory online at www.theautofinancecenter.com or stop by any of our 3 locations today!

Sue Nichols

"I enjoy coming into The AutoFinance Center, they're always excited to see me (and I like to rob Mark of his chocolate)!  They're great people, and I have bought 3 vehicles from Mark and I will continue to refer people here."  -Sue

Raymond Bauman

"I came to The AutoFianance Center and found a great vehicle.  Mark and his crew treated me with respect and helped me out.  I couldn't be happier with my expirience at AFC."  -Raymond

Parrlyn Collins

"Hi, my name is Pearl.  I like the way The AutoFinance Center takes care of their people, they let you know everything up front." -Pearl

Another sale, another pleased customer!  Stop by The AutoFinance Center today and let us put you in a vehicle that YOU can get excited about!

The Millers

Here is the Miller family, winners of our vehicle giveaway at our recent Customer Appreciation Day.  It was a great day for all involved, and we want to thank all of you that came and visited us.

Ashley Sandberg

As you can see, Ashley is quite pleased with her new Impala.  Do you want to be this happy about your next vehicle purchase?  We can help...  Just stop by and visit us at any of our 3 locations and we'll do everything we can to get you in a car that makes you as happy as Ashley!

Bridget Mueske

This is Bridget and she was looking for the right vehicle but she didn't know where to start.  Luckily for her, she started at The AutoFinance Center!  After a quick chat with our sales team, she was approved and ready to drive away in her beautiful Mercury Mountaineer.

It can be this easy for you too, call us today!

April Rodriguez

"I would like to say that The AutoFinance Center is an awesome dealership that actually works with you & on the other hand are friendly and fast with their application process.  They are actually here to help YOUR needs."  -April

James Cole

"I myself am purchasing my 2nd vehicle from The AutoFinance Center, last of which has been a great vehicle and is on the road still!!!  It's nice to have the ability to prove you can make payments without a bank denying you based on an old mistake."  -James

Antonio-Fernando Anquilo

Antonio was on the hunt for the right truck... And he found it at The AutoFinance Center!  We set him up for a test drive and before long he was taking it for a REAL drive!  Stop by or check our inventory online to see if we have the vehicle you've been looking for!

"Fast service... Very friendly!" -Antonio

Tammy Weis

"Nate is a good salesman, we bought 2 vehicles from him and he has been straight up about them." - Arnold

Stop by The AutoFinance Center today and meet any of our great sales staff!  We'd love to see you!

Keith Oldenkamp

"The AutoFinance Center has been great.  I didn't have a lot of options, but they got me into a van for a good price.  They treat me with respect to the point where it almost feels like I'm part of an extended family.  I would recommend AFC to anyone." -Keith

Leinson Neth

"Great, fast and fantastic service.  Great Job!" -Leinson

Richard Rubio

Richard came in to The AutoFinance Center looking for the right car for him.  Within no time, he was driving home his 1999 Honda Accord.  "Fast & Easy" was what Richard had to say about our application process and we couldn't agree more.  Thanks again, Richard, and welcome to The AutoFinance Center family!

Anthony Baumgartner

"I came in with a need for a car. I got a job working full time and another vehicle sale for me fell through so I came here.  The process was fast with great customer service!"  -Anthony

Barb Grube

Barb needed a vehicle and fast so she decided to stop into The AutoFinance Center.  She was approved the same day and drove away with her new Chevrolet Monte Carlo!  We would love to help you too so stop in to one of our 3 locations or check us out at www.theautofinancecenter.com.  We look forward to seeing you!