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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have had some credit issues (i.e. late payments, medical claims, judgements, bankruptcy, charge offs, etc..) is it worth it for me to fill out an application?
A. YES. Even though you have been turned down before, you can still be approved by our verification process. Your application is handled in-house and the decision will be made by the honesty of your answers given on the application.
Q. What are the qualifications for getting approved?
A. A. Verifying your residence and employment history, references, having the down payment, and the ability to afford the weekly or bi-weekly payment. It is also suggested that you live within 20 miles of any AutoFinance Center location. The honesty of your answers (whether good or bad) is extremely important in this area.
Q. I don't have the entire down payment for the particular vehicle I want. Is it a requirement to have the whole amount to be able to get the car?
A. NO. Although it is factored in the decision of the approval, we can defer down payments under certain circumstances.
Q. Can I get the vehicle inspected by a mechanic of my choice?
A. YES. In fact, we encourage it! We realize that these are used vehicles and we want you to make sure that the vehicle is satisfactory to you.
Q. What is the Bonus Bucks program I have been hearing about?
A. It is a fabulous program that rewards our customers for making on time payments and new customer referrals. It is a great way to get wonderful merchandise. Our selection ranges from candy to a color TV. Stop in and see what we have to offer.